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Historical Census Data (100% Sample)

Access to the complete count U.S. Census decennial datasets (1790-1940) with names and addresses is provided to University of Michigan researchers through a Virtual Data Enclave. These data are made available through a license with the Minnesota Population Center. See the IPUMS website for descriptions of available data.

Researchers interested in applying to access these data at the University of Michigan should complete a Research Project Application and a Researcher Agreement. These documents should be emailed to

Any research produced using these data must cite:
Minnesota Population Center and IPUMS Restricted Complete Count Data: Version 1.0 [Machine-readable database]. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota, 2013.

Current Projects

Project Title Primary Investigator Graduate Advisor
Family dynamics in the context of environmental and agricultural change in the Great Plains Leonard
Early life family and community environment and older adult health: linking US census data from the early 20th century with Puerto Rican survey data McEniry
Essays on Tax Publicity from the Revenue Act of 1924 Marcin Rhode
Impact of the US income tax on marriage: lessons from community property states Fox Rhode
The fetal origins hypothesis and the impact of the 1918 influenza epidemic Persaud Rhode
The impact of the Great Depression on invention and entrepreneurship in the American Midwest Levenstein
Impact of Natural Disasters Rhode
Pilot Study Creating the Early Twentieth Century Integrated Longitudinal Dataset (ETCILD) Bailey
The 1936 Veterans' Bonus Hausman
The Health Effects of Electoral Participation: Evidence from the American South Henderson Bailey
Did Laws Improve Educational Outcomes? Evidence from the United States 1895-1926 Stephens
Early life environmental and socioeconomic conditions and later life outcomes Bleakley
Returns, constraints, and intergenerational transmission in the 19th and early 20th century US Bleakley
World War II military spending Rhode

For further information, please contact Access to the full count sample historical U.S. Census data is supported by funding from the MiCDA enclave, the Michigan Node of the NSF Census Research Network, and the Michigan Research Data Center.

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