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Prediction of Initial Claims for Unemployment Insurance (Live updates here).

Simulating Tax Liabilities
Sara Kimberlin, Jiyoon Kim, and Luke Shaefer, 2014. "An updated method for calculating income and payroll taxes from PSID data using the NBER's TAXSIM, for PSID survey years 1999 through 2011." Working paper available here. Stata do files: here.

Matching Organization Names
Nada Wasi, and Aaron Flaaen, 2015. "Record Linkage using STATA: Pre-processing, Linking and Reviewing Utilities." The Stata Journal. Volume 15 Number 3: pp. 672-697 available here. Stata program download instructions here.

Identifying Research Funding
Yulia Muzyrya, 2015. "Data and programs for identifying research funding based on CFDA codes." STATA dta file, STATA do file, CSV file, user guide.

Historical Census
More information here.

Geospatial Analysis
Home of the Environmental Spatial Analysis Laboratory

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