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Survey 5 - Wealth and Portfolios

Survey 5 is focused on the wealth and portfolios, covering :

  • Demographics and employment
  • Income, social security, pensions and disability benefits
  • Housing assets
  • Financial assets

Survey Instruments

  • Survey 5 Questionnaire
  • Survey 5 live demonstration (No response data are recorded)

    Note: For those who participated in Survey 1, Survey 5 preloads the balances of financial assets measured in Survey 1, so that it can detect abrupt changes in the balances and ask for reasons behind those changes. In the live demonstration link, the first page asks which version of the survey you want to see: one for the new cohort or one for those who did Survey 1. On the second page, there are entries for hypothetical values for balances measured in Survey 1. These inputs are used for testing only, and are not part of the survey instrument. If viewing the survey without the cross-survey asset checks, that is, as viewed for the new cohort, simply put "0" for all these items.

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