P01 projects

Project History

Short titleYrs
Full title original proposalFull title first renewalFull title second renewal proposal
Overall P01    Behavior on Surveys and in the Economy using HRS Behavior in Surveys and in the Economy: HRS and Beyond Measuring and Modeling Financial and Health Security: HRS and Beyond
Administrative Core Core ACore ACore A Administrative Administrative Administrative
Data Innovation Core Core BCore BCore B Data InnovationData InnovationData Innovation
Network Core Core CCore CCore C NetworkNetworkNetwork
Pilot Core  Core DCore D PilotPilot
Vanguard Research Initiative Proj 4Proj 1  Balancing Security and Flexibility in Retirement Finance Understanding and Addressing Retirees' Security Late in Life
Mint Bills  Proj 2   Managing Financial Change Late in Life: Income, Spending, Debt and Health
Expectations Proj 1Proj 1Proj 3 Probabilistic Thinking and Economic Behavior Probabilistic Thinking and Economic Behavior Using Subjective Expectations to Understand Individual Choices and Behavior
WellbeingProj 2   Well-Being and Utility  
Portfolio Proj 3Proj 3  Explaining Household Portfolio Choice in Saving for RetirementExplaining Household Portfolio Choice in Saving for Retirement 

*Proposal (Projects renumbered)

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